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Dogs are nicer than people!

Why Is The Average Dog Nicer Than The Average Human?

Dogs are amazing creatures that show us what it means to truly love and care for another being. They don’t judge us, they’re always happy to see us, and they will do anything to make us feel appreciated and loved.

One of the main reasons average dogs are nicer than average humans is that they don’t hold grudges. Have you ever noticed how a dog forgives almost instantly? Dogs live in the moment and don’t dwell on the past. By contrast, humans often tend to keep holding onto grudges and hurtful memories even when we have already forgiven someone.

Dogs Have Fun

Another reason dogs are nicer than humans is because of their desire to play. Dogs just want to have fun! They get excited about running around, playing fetch, or just getting some belly rubs. Humans can be too focused on our worries and concerns, so it’s often hard for us to take the time out of our day just to have some fun or let loose a little bit.

Dog Express Their Feelings

Moreover, dogs express their feelings freely without worrying about social conventions or expectations like we sometimes do as people. A dog won’t hesitate to show its affection with a big smile full of love or an enthusiastic tail wag. While humans may feel embarrassed or ashamed if they display too much emotion in front of others, a dog doesn’t worry about such things – all that matters is that it has the chance to share its joy with someone else!

Dogs Love Unconditionally

Finally, dogs offer unconditional love and acceptance that many humans struggle to provide for each other due to different beliefs and lifestyles. While human relationships can be complicated and strained by differences in opinion or personal situations, a dog loves you no matter what! It isn’t concerned with labels like race, gender identity, religion, or class; all that matters is that you appreciate its presence as much as it appreciates yours.

At the end of the day, dogs teach us valuable lessons about loyalty and kindness that we could all use more of in our lives – which might be why they are often considered “man’s best friend!”

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